I recently got some new pajama pants for myself. They were simple and basic and, unfortunately, too short. I almost always have this problem when buying ready-to-wear because I’m taller than average. I decided to add some cuffs to my pajama pants to make them look like joggers and add a couple of inches of length to make them longer. I also fixed the weird¬†waistband and drawstring which I took pictures of too.

TUTORIAL: Adding Cuffs to Pajama Pants


  • Pajama pants
  • Rib knit fabric with good recovery (my favorite is from Joanns)
  • Sewing Supplies
  • Elastic
TUTORIAL: Adding Cuffs to Pajama Pants


We are going to start with the waistband first. The way this waistband was sewn was a little crazy. There was a drawstring that instead of going all the way around the waist it stopped at each side seam. There was nothing along the back so the drawstring didn’t work.
1. Unpick the waistband at both side seams.
2. Unpick the drawstring and both side seams.
TUTORIAL: Adding Cuffs to Pajama Pants

3. Sew a piece of elastic to one end of the drawstring. Attach a safety pin to the other end of the elastic.
4. Thread the elastic through the back of the casing.
5. Take the safety pin off the elastic and sew the end of the elastic to the other drawstring.

TUTORIAL: Adding Cuffs to Pajama Pants

6. Close the waistband, and you have fixed the waistband.


1. Cut the hem off the bottom of the pants. (I tried unpicking the hem and it starting putting holes in the fabric, so I just cut it off.)
TUTORIAL: Adding Cuffs to Pajama Pants

2. Cut two pieces of rib knit 5″ tall and 80% of the circumference of the pants hem.
3. Sew the short edges of the rib knit together at 1/4″. Fold the cuffs in half wrong sides together to enclose the seams.

TUTORIAL: Adding Cuffs to Pajama Pants

4. Divide the cuffs into four sections. Divide the pants hem into four sections. Match up the four sections and pin.
5. Sew the three layers together with 1/4″ seam allowance and a stretch stitch. Finish the edges.

TUTORIAL: Adding Cuffs to Pajama Pants

Done! Enjoy your now longer pants! And maybe trendier too!

TUTORIAL: Adding Cuffs to Pajama Pants

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