Sewing for Kindergarten: A Boy's Capsule Wardrobe

In past years I’ve watched other sewing bloggers sew outfits for their kindergartener starting school and thought it would take forever until my oldest would go to kindergarten. But this year is the year! My oldest started kindergarten and I got to plan his first day of school outfit. This year Sewing for Kindergarten is hosted by A Jennuine Life, so you can go see all the other great kindergarten outfits!
When school starts in August here, it’s hot  and summery, but after about a month it cools down for Fall. I made a summery first day of school outfit, but for the past six months I’ve been thrifting my son’s “capsule wardrobe” so I wouldn’t be scrambling when the weather turned cold.

Sewing for Kindergarten: A Boy's Capsule Wardrobe

I decided to make a shark tee for my son to give him some extra courage. I like to think my kids get strength by being wrapped up in handmade love. They know I care about them because they are wearing something I made them.
I upcycled three adult tees to make this tee. I would’ve used one tee to upcycle, but I was trying to use up some pieces of tees that I had. I used a navy blue tee for the back and reused the hem, I used a white tee for the front and reused the hem, and I used a blue striped tee for the neckline and sleeves and reused the hems. I used the top from the Alex & Anna PJs* because I had it traced and ready. I just did short sleeves. I did a size 5 with a little extra length.
I found a shark picture online that I altered and cut out with my cricut*. I used this royal blue iron on* because it was the closest blue to the blue on the shirt.
For the shorts I drafted the pattern myself from some of my son’s other shorts. I used a gray sweatshirt fabric that I had in my stash. I added a pale blue drawstring to the waistband and a twin needle line of stitching around the hem. Here’s how to use a twin needle.
After wearing these items a couple times a week for the past couple of weeks, they have some dirt and stains. I used to be bothered by seeing a lot of wear, but now it makes me happy to see them use up and wear out their clothes.Sewing for Kindergarten: A Boy's Capsule Wardrobe

I wanted to make a capsule wardrobe for my son so that it’s easier for him to dress, easier to thrift ahead of time, and less laundry for me to do. I used this free kids capsule printable to help me get started. I love the free printable and that helps the most with thrifting a size up. It helps me remember what I already have so I don’t buy too much of one item.
Short Sleeved Tees – I shortened the sleeves of the space tee and the bear tee. I added iron on to the green and made the shark tee. I thrifted the striped tee and bought the Old Navy tee on sale.
Sewing for Kindergarten: A Boy's Capsule Wardrobe

Shorts –  I thrifted the blue shorts. I thrifted the orange pants and then cut them to shorts. I made the black pants and then cut them to shorts. I made the gray sweatshirt shorts. I made the gray pants and then cut them to shorts. I thrifted the blue sweatshirt shorts.

Sewing for Kindergarten: A Boy's Capsule Wardrobe
Long Sleeve Tees – I made the red and blue striped sweatshirt. I thrifted the eagle tee, the green striped tee, the two batman tees, the striped pocket tee, and the gray tee.
Sewing for Kindergarten: A Boy's Capsule Wardrobe
Pants – I bought the Old Navy jeans last spring. I thrifted the gray pants. I thrifted the three Levi pants.
Sewing for Kindergarten: A Boy's Capsule Wardrobe

Don’t forget to see everyone else’s cool makes for Kindergarten!

Sewing for Kindergarten: A Boy's Capsule Wardrobe

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2 thoughts on “Sewing for Kindergarten: A Boy’s Capsule Wardrobe

  1. I also have a lot of thrifted/gifted clothes in my kids' wardrobe and the score card is a great idea. I indeed loose track easily and than find out just when summer is warmest that there are no short sleeves or when fall starts that they have outgrown their pants…

    Posted on September 21, 2017 at 10:11 am
  2. Thanks for the comment on kids clothes and stains. I'm forever trying to get stains off of my kids clothes. I've started using Shout, I have the kids spray it at night before bed. It does a pretty good job. But the truth is, if they have stains it means the kids were being kids, right? Thanks for the reminder.

    Posted on September 19, 2017 at 8:48 pm