I finally made my baby a baby quilt! I made my son a lion quilt before he was born, and then made it into a larger jungle quilt when he was a toddler. I made my first daughter a pompom quilt right before she was born. I wanted to make my second daughter a quilt and ordered some floral swiss cross cheater quilt fabric. I ordered it back in March or April hoping to make it into a quilt right away. Well, I just now finished it! And my baby is 8 mos old. I also tried out some mountain fabric that I designed and made a cute crib sheet. 

Sewing for Baby: A Crib Sheet and a Cheater Quilt

Let’s talk about the crib sheet first. I just love that with two yards of pretty fabric you can easily make it into a crib sheet. It’s so easy and so quick. Just four straight lines, a casing, and inserting elastic. I seriously would make 50 sheets in different colors and prints if I could devote the time and money. I bought a huge roll of 1/4″ elastic (affiliate link) a couple of years ago. I’m still using it even though I’ve had it for a couple of years.

Sewing for Baby: A Crib Sheet and a Cheater Quilt

I designed this simple mountain fabric because I love the mountains, and I love living near the mountains. I have a couple different colors and background colors. These mountains are kind of a dark minty green with snowcapped peaks. I love laying my baby down on these mountains.

Sewing for Baby: A Crib Sheet and a Cheater Quilt

Next I made a cheater quilt. And I have to say, I REALLY enjoyed quilting and binding this quilt. I love quilts and the look of quilts, but I just don’t love the long, long process. This one was easy because I didn’t have to do any piecing so I enjoyed it a lot more! I think I might make cheater quilts as baby gifts in the future because they are so fun, and I just loved the process. I chose this floral swiss cross cheater quilt fabric because I loved the colors and the floral, and I thought the swiss cross design would be easy to quilt. I got 2 yards of it, and I had 2 yards of matching navy with white polka dot fabric in my stash for the back. Instead of quilting every single column and row (that would’ve taken forever!) I did every third column and row. It made it a lot faster. I totally forgot to take a picture of the pretty quilted back where you can see all the stitching lines!Sewing for Baby: A Crib Sheet and a Cheater Quilt
This is the first time I’ve made a quilt and didn’t have any tucks or gathers on the back! I don’t have a walking foot, so I’m so proud of myself. I used a double-sided fusible fleece which made all the difference for me. It was even better than using the basting spray. 
I used the extra navy polka dotted fabric to make the binding. I think I did it a little too tight so the curved corners pull in a little, but that’s okay. I always do curved corners because it’s pretty and much easier to bind. I also don’t handstitch my binding. I’m perfectly happy with machine stitched binding. I kind of like the look of the stitches anyway.

Sewing for Baby: A Crib Sheet and a Cheater Quilt

My baby wasn’t happy when I put her in the crib and stepped back for a picture. “Don’t leave me here alone, Mommy!” She’s such a momma’s girl.

Sewing for Baby: A Crib Sheet and a Cheater Quilt

I recorded a little video of me wiggling the sheet and the quilt around so you can see the movement of the fabric. Don’t forget to subscribe if you love seeing silly movies like this!

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One thought on “Sewing for Baby: A Crib Sheet and a Cheater Quilt

  1. Love the mountain fabric. I want that on a soft knit and in a comfy shirt….or pjs for my kids.
    The quilt is adorable! One of my goals is to enter a quilt in a county fair. Someday I will do this….someday!

    Posted on November 16, 2016 at 4:10 am