The last guest of Handmade Halloween is Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings. She makes adorable costumes and sells them in her shop. See the Doll Witch Costume over at Make It Handmade, and don’t forget the giveaway!
Every year Marissa make hundreds of Halloween costumes, so she is quite the expert in costume-making! The trouble is that after she makes all the costumes to sell she has very little time to make some for her family (she’s been making her nieces costumes since they were little and they often coordinate with aunty and uncle.). She has gained a lot of experience on how to make costumes of different levels under crunch-time and on a budget. Go check out her best tips and tricks for handmade costumes and lots of links to past costume tutorials she’s made through the years.

Secrets to Making the Best Homemade Costumes with Raegun Ramblings

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