I’ve been missing a lot around here lately because we are currently in the market to buy a home. We’ve found one so we’ve been working with everything that comes with that along with cleaning and packing. We’re hopefully near the end though!
Luckily, I did a little bit of sewing before I packed everything up. (It’s just taken me forever to take pictures of them.) I made three Halifax Hoodies (affiliate link) by Hey June Patterns. A really good sweatshirt pattern has been on to-find and to-sew list for a long time. I purchased the Halifax Hoodie a little while ago and finally tried it out. After three different versions, I really love it. Just like I love all the Hey June patterns I have tried. The first version I made was a navy French terry version. I sewed view A with the neckband of view C. I made a size small and added 1″ of length at the waist.
Me Made: Three Halifax Hoodies

I got this navy French Terry from a warehouse sale near me. It’s so soft and comfortable, and the color is perfect. I really love the heathered look. The cuffs and waistband makes this sweatshirt come together really fast. I also added a little tag to two of my hoodies that I got from the Dutch Label Shop. I had some custom tags printed that say “Feathers Flights Handmade” with a simple feather icon next to it. I did a long tag so I fold them in half and sew them into the clothes I make for myself.

Me Made: Three Halifax Hoodies

Next I made the same style (view A and view C, size small with the bodice lengthened) with a sweater fleece* I got from Joann fabrics a couple of years ago. It is super warm and soft since it’s fleece, but it looks like a sweater. This color is perfect and I wear it all the time.

Me Made: Three Halifax Hoodies

The problem I had with this one was since the fabric was a little stiffer I noticed that the neckline was too high. This isn’t a problem with the pattern, it was my own fault when combining the two views. I decided to just cut a slit in the front instead of fix it. Maybe I’ll go back and fix it one day. I added a tag to this one too.

Me Made: Three Halifax Hoodies
They fit loose, but it’s a perfect fit for a comfortable and warm sweatshirt.
Me Made: Three Halifax Hoodies
Lastly, I made myself a zip up hoodie. I am really proud of myself for making this jacket! I think a zipper hoodie is a big accomplishment. I mean the pattern makes it easy to make it look nice, but there are a couple techniques on zipper hoodies that can be hard to master. I did view C with added length at the waist. I used a French Terry that doesn’t have a whole lot of stretch, but it’s still a good fabric. My SIL gifted me this fabric so I can’t give much information about it.
Me Made: Three Halifax Hoodies
I couldn’t find any ribbing that remotely matched this turquoise fabric. I knew I wouldn’t wear it if I did a coordinating gray and white would get dirty so quickly. I’ve learned that I will only wear something if it’s all the same color, especially when it’s a layer. Instead of ribbing I had some cotton lycra that matched perfectly. I did the waistband the wrong length, it’s a little too long, but besides that it worked out really well.
I used white twill tape for both the neckline detail and the hood drawstring.
Me Made: Three Halifax Hoodies
I really wanted a non-metal zipper that matched. So I searched online and ordered one from Etsy that turned out to be metal and more of a kelly green. I tried Joann fabrics again and found a great coat zipper that was the right length and a really close color. I forgot to buy 1″ twill tape, so I used some 1″ bias strips that coordinated to finish the zipper tape area. I had to sew two topstitching rows next to the zipper instead of one to make the insides look good.
As much as I want an item to be all the same color, I don’t mind a bit of fun on the inside. That’s the fun part of sewing for yourself, you can make it to your exact preferences and you can add fun wherever you want.
Me Made: Three Halifax Hoodies

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2 thoughts on “Me Made: Three Halifax Hoodies

  1. These are fantastic! Especially the hoodie! Good luck closing and moving!

    Posted on February 22, 2017 at 6:01 am
  2. I am sitting here thinking I wish I could sew clothes like you and others. I gave up on clothes long ago. The hoodies look great. I do have a simple jacket and tee shirt pattern to try. Happy Creating Donna

    Posted on February 21, 2017 at 8:56 pm