Me Made: Floral Tania Culottes

This is the most comfortable and flattering way to wear shorts. I have a chambray version that I wear with all my patterned tees, and this is my fun floral version that I wear with all my solid tees. I made these floral Tania Culottes earlier in the summer and wore them weekly, and now I’m finally getting around to blogging about it.
We went on a little family trip this summer, and these floral Tania Culottes are what I brought with me. It was perfect for traveling. It was comfortable to wear in the car while driving, and it was comfortable for walking around in the heat.

Me Made: Floral Tania Culottes

I used the Tania Culottes pattern just like my chambray culottes. I did the same alterations of adding 1/2″ to the rise and 1/2″ to the hem. I added side seam pockets, eliminated the zipper, and added an elastic waist back. I shared the tutorial for this on Megan Nielsen’s Design Diary. The elastic back version is so comfortable and easy to wear when it’s hot.

Me Made: Floral Tania Culottes

I used a floral rayon challis from* that I bought about a year go. I bought it at the same time as this striped rayon challis. Those two rayon challis fabrics feel very different from each other. The striped rayon is very drapey and very fluid. The floral rayon feels more like a lawn or really light quilting cotton. This rayon challis was easier to use than any other rayon challis I’ve used. It wasn’t slippery at all. When I let the chambray version hang the bias stretched out a ton. When I let this floral version hang the bias didn’t stretch out at all. I hemmed it without trimming edges off. Here are some tips for sewing rayon.

Me Made: Floral Tania Culottes

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One thought on “Me Made: Floral Tania Culottes

  1. Super cute! This is such a flattering style on you!

    Posted on September 21, 2017 at 7:47 pm