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Linden Sweater and Velvet Ruri Pants: Me Made Holiday Outfit

As the season starts to change, I’m looking forward to all the upcoming holiday parties. There’s family parties, friends parties, and holiday parties. I don’t know about you, but the most important thing for me is feeling comfortable, being able to eat lots, and looking dressy. I have found the perfect holiday outfit, and I’m ready for any holiday party. I used basic silhouettes and used special fabrics to dress them up. I definitely feel like this is an outfit that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the accessories I choose.

Linden Sweater and Velvet Ruri Pants: Me Made Holiday Outfit
When I think of a holiday outfit, certain fabrics come to mind like sequins, tulle, lace, and velvet. I felt like velvet would be the easiest to wear and wash, and especially stretch velvet. I could’ve gone with any bright fun color (like my gold velvet pencil skirt), but I knew I would wear it more if I went with one of my basic colors. I’m really glad I went with navy stretch velvet because this color is so rich and will match everything in my closet. I am really happy with this fabric. I actually purposely cut the nap going up instead of down because it makes the color look darker and richer which is the look I was going for. These are helpful tips for sewing knit fabric.
Linden Sweater and Velvet Ruri Pants: Me Made Holiday Outfit

While I was sewing these pants I was being careful while ironing because velvet can get ruined quickly by a hot iron. Except when I ironed the fly I wasn’t careful and melted the fabric just on the fly. I was so sad and couldn’t undo it. I cut out the melted area which you can see below and cut out a slightly bigger piece to sew in and replace it. BUT when I cut out the new piece I forgot to check the nap and the nap was upside down. So it was the same fabric but it looked like a different color! Cue tears and frustration. I finished the pants and went to bed because sleep always helps me think. I woke up early when I feel the best and sewed a patch the same size with the nap going the correct way right on top of the fly. I cut out the very bottom layer from the inside so it wouldn’t be to thick with that many layers of fabric. It looks great now, and I’m glad I fixed it but it’s so frustrating when you make a silly mistake!

Linden Sweater and Velvet Ruri Pants: Me Made Holiday Outfit

The pants pattern I used was the new Named Ruri Sweatpants pattern. When this pattern released I knew it was a pants pattern I would wear. This preppy pants silhouette is totally my style. It has front inseam pockets, elastic waist back, faux fly, and a unique pleated snap hem detail. I made a size US 4 and lengthened the leg at the knee one inch, and I used a yard and a half.
The pattern instructions were straightforward, and I had no problems putting the pants together. I will say that the pattern is drafted for stable knits like ponte and sweatshirting, and I made it hard on myself and used a non-stable stretch velvet. It worked out for me, but it was definitely trickier to get it to work. I also took one full inch out of the side of each leg since my fabric behaved differently. Interfacing helped with all the trickier areas.
I’ve never used a Named pattern before which I regret because they draft taller than most other pattern companies. I want to try more of their patterns because I’ll have minimal pattern alterations.

Linden Sweater and Velvet Ruri Pants: Me Made Holiday Outfit
For the top I went with something simple so that the pants could shine. I chose the oatmeal hacci sweater knit because it has a beautiful heathered look, and it’s a great basic color. I love the soft feeling of Hacci sweater knit. I didn’t how realize how thin it would be so I decided to double layer the front, back, and sleeves. It made a gorgeous opaque sweater, and it’s a really easy fabric to work with. I’d say it’s similar to cotton spandex in ease of use.
I used the Grainline Linden Sweatshirt pattern which I’ve had my eye for years, and I finally purchased it. It’s a great basic pattern. When I printed it out the square to measure came out larger than it was supposed to be. Since I was in a hurry I didn’t reprint it to get the right size, I just cut out a size smaller. I measure to be a size 2, but I cut out a size 0. I added length to the sleeves and body. It was still a little wide on the muslin, so I removed some width from the center front and the center back. It’s basically perfect except I added a little too much length. I also did the waistband with a split hem using this tutorial. I’m definitely going to use this pattern again!
Linden Sweater and Velvet Ruri Pants: Me Made Holiday Outfit

I understand that most people reach for a holiday dress which can definitely be dressier than this outfit. And I’m not trying to convert you to be a pants person, especially these “semi-fitted similar to track pants” pants. Because I know I love unique pants silhouettes. I really do love this silhouette even if they might not be super flattering. I’ve made three (one, two, three) woven track pants, remember? I love that pants give me extra warmth and I feel so luxurious wearing velvet. They are easy to dress up with ankle boots, and they are so comfortable to wear. I told my husband that this holiday outfit is like wearing pajamas, but I look dressed up! Can you believe this is an elastic waist pants outfit?

Linden Sweater and Velvet Ruri Pants: Me Made Holiday Outfit

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  1. Velvet pants, I am hooked! Good that you could fix it, they look great. Also thanks for the information, I thought velvet can't be ironed at all. Now I know I just have to be veeery careful 🙂

    Posted on October 13, 2017 at 12:42 pm