My kids need to bulk up their summer wardrobes so Kids Clothes Week has come at the perfect time. And since I’m in the middle of Me Made May I need a break from sewing for myself.  I’ve shifted my focus to sewing girl’s clothes.
I cut out a bunch of girl’s clothes to be sewn over the weekend so I could start sewing today. I sewed a couple over the weekend and some today. I have a pretty good list of things to get through this week and I really hope to get through all of it!
This first is a dress. I used the Mini Briar pattern size 2 and version 1; version 1 is the cropped version but it’s long on Claire. I took out a little of center front and from the sides since this girly is tiny. I cut up a tunic for this shirt using the existing sleeve hems. I reused the gathered section on the bottom and attached it as a skirt so I could reuse the hem. It’s a little long, but it’s perfect for growing into. (Don’t mind her crazy hair, I didn’t comb it before the picture.)

Sewing for Girls - Mini Briar Tee Dress

I cut up another tee I used to wear with the Briar pattern. I reused the neckline and bound armhole. The only issue with this dress is it’s very light and semi-transparent. I don’t think she can just wear it by itself. It’s either going to be a swimsuit cover or she has to wear it over something.

Sewing for Girls - Swim cover up
Sewing for girls - swim cover up

I made Henry a bodysuit with fox printed fabric when he was tiny and now it fits Claire, but she’s in the opposite season then he was. So I chopped off the legs and chopped off the sleeves. It’s so adorable I had to make it last. I’m trying to decide if I want to hem it or not.

Sewing for Girls - Fox tee and polka dot shorts

Claire wore these cute polka dotted joggers all winter and then I chopped them off so she can wear them as shorts all summer.

Sewing for Girls - Fox tee and polka dot shorts

I made Henry some leggings with some walrus printed fabric when he was little, and he wore them all the time. Claire fits in them but the knees were looking bad, so I also chopped them off into shorts. I think I need to take a little more off. They’re adorable, and I’ll make them last as long as possible!

Sewing for Girls - walrus shorts

I used a free 0-3 mos leggings pattern by Climbing the Willow to make some pants for Maggie. The green ones are from a tee shirt, the mint ones are from a cotton spandex jersey remnant, and the bow printed leggings were designed by me on organic cotton jacquard. (I can’t tell you how fun it is to design your own fabric, and then make clothing from it! I love seeing my kids wearing fabric that I designed!)

Sewing for Baby - DIY Baby Leggings

I also made a tiny newborn diaper cover from some pink pentagon fabric. It’s so cute. I love diaper covers! I used MADE Everyday free diaper cover pattern.

Sewing for Baby - DIY Baby Diaper Cover

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