After making two coats in January I needed some knit items to give me something easy to accomplish. I made my sweater cardigan first, and then I made this gray textured Harbor Knot sweater. I have a lot of sweatshirts, but nothing warm and cozy but dressier. I went out on a limb and tried using sweater knit with a tee shirt sewing pattern. I ran into some problems, but in the end I was able to make it work. I didn’t know how much I needed a simple sweater with dressy details until I had one in my closet to reach for.

Harbor Knot Sweater //

I used the Harbor Knot tee sewing pattern to make this sweater. I’ve used it on this dotted Harbor Knot tee, this floral Harbor Knot tee, and this gray Harbor Knot tee. I tried using the “lower Harbor Knot” version and I’m much happier with this version than I was with my other ones. My measurements put me between a small and an x-small and the pattern says size down which I did. I made a straight x-small and I’m very happy with the fit. I added length at the waist so that it would hit me in the right place, and it’s pretty perfect. When I first finished the hem had stretched out and stuck out around my hips and I was worried that I shouldn’t have added the length, but after I washed it the fabric went back to normal and the hem doesn’t stick out anymore. I wouldn’t say any of the sweater is really tight or fitted; it’s semi-fitted like this sweater fabric should be.

Harbor Knot Sweater //

In the construction of the knot, I was supposed to twist the knot before tucking it around another piece. This fabric was too thick so I ended up only tucking it around and not twisting. The sweater fabric is so thick that you can’t tell I constructed it any differently. These 16 tips for sewing knits really helped me sew the sweater fabric.Harbor Knot Sweater //

I did make a couple of alterations to the pattern for looks and ease of sewing. I added cuffs to the sleeves instead of doing a hem. I thought it would look more like a natural sweater with cuffs. At first I sewed the pattern’s neckband onto the neck and the fabric didn’t have enough recovery to make it look good. It was wavy and stretched out. I tried wearing it once, but I was really unhappy with the neckband. Instead of throwing it away, I used the cowl pattern piece from the Halifax Hoodie and sewed it onto the sweater. It’s a much better look (no more wavy seams!) and a more natural sweater look. It keeps my neck warm too.Harbor Knot Sweater //

About a month ago Evelyn – @Sew.Petite was doing a fabric stash sale, and I bought some fabric from her. I bought this white boucle sweater knit (that I used for this sweater cardigan) and this gray sweater knit and couldn’t wait to receive it! I really love that it had already been washed and that the raw edges were serged. This gray sweater knit from was originally from Style Maker Fabrics and isn’t available anymore. It’s a semi-thick and cushy fabric, and the fabric is yarns knitted together. It has a very loose weave, and I love the white and gray heathered color. It has lots of stretch and only a little bit of recovery.

I have to be careful while sewing because it was almost like working with a knitted yarn piece because of the loose weave. I have to make sure to catch all the edges and finish all the edges. The fabric did stretch out while I was working with it, but luckily it shrunk back to normal once I washed it. It also helped doing cuffs on the sleeves and a cowl on the neck. These tips really helped with sewing knit fabric. The best part is that it looks like a sweater because it’s knitted sweater fabric. Making an actual sweater is impossible with sewing unless you have the correct fabric. I’m really happy I tried sewing with this fabric in a new way, and that I made an awesome Harbor Knot sweater.

Harbor Knot Sweater //

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