If you need a simple and cute gift idea, look no further! One of my friends recently bought a house, and I wanted to give her a unique and easy-to-make house warming gift. I had some cotton fat quarters that I’ve been itching to use, and I realized that a fat quarter is about the same size as a tea towel. And who doesn’t need a new, cute tea towel? They get used up so quickly, so it’s always fun to have more!

Gift Idea: Fat Quarter Tea Towels

I tried out some of my own designs from My Fabric Designs. I used Anchors Away and Lobsters in the Round. These are designs I made by stamping a piece of paper with some foam stamps I created, scanned it, and manipulated it on my computer. I really love the organic, non-perfect look of stamped fabric. It just warms my soul.

Gift Idea: Fat Quarter Tea Towels

Some tips to make your tea towels look good:

  • Wash, dry, and press your fabric first! (I didn’t pull my fabric out of the dryer quick enough and had a hard time pressing out the wrinkles.)
  • Make sure your fabric is made from natural fibers, preferably cotton and/or linen. This will insure the best absorbency.
  • Use a print with a white background since that back of the fabric will show. It looks best with a white front and a white back.
  • Use a non-directional print since the longest side will be crosswise. (My anchor fabric is sideways if hung lengthwise.)
  • Finish the edges by serging a napkin rolled edge or sewing a tiny rolled hem. Both are fast and look good! I did a napkin rolled edge with curved corners.
Gift Idea: Fat Quarter Tea Towels

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One thought on “Gift Idea: Fat Quarter Tea Towels

  1. So cute. And what a great idea. I do have a wedding coming up….:)
    I need to grab some of that anchor fabric. In a soft baby blanket type of fabric. My sister in law loves anchors and it would be the perfect baby shower gift!

    Posted on April 14, 2016 at 3:57 am