How many of you have lots of pants and jeans in your closet, but you only reach for one or two? I used to. Only one pair was really flattering or one pair was the right color. The other ones were the wrong color, cut, or I had to wear a belt with them. When I was in high school I didn’t have a lot of options (because it was before social media) to get really long pants, and I shopped at an expensive store. I didn’t love spending so much on jeans, but I didn’t really have a choice. I hadn’t found my favorite brand of jeans or how to get jeans for cheap. I have a list of things to do to find and then get your favorite jeans for cheap.

Now I talk a lot about brands throughout this post and I’m not a name brand wearer, but some brands are made out of higher quality than others. I think it’s very important to go for quality over name. Some higher end brands are not high quality and some lower end brands are good quality. It’s important to find what you think is best for to get your favorite jeans for cheap

  1. You need to know your style and fit preferences. Maybe you’ve changed weight recently. Maybe you’ve changed shape recently. Maybe you’ve changed lifestyles recently. Maybe you’ve never figured it out in the first place. To be able to get jeans you’ll wear they need to fit in your color scheme (so know what colors you like to wear and what looks good with them), they need to fit in your lifestyle (do you need dressy jeans for work or casual jeans for staying at home), and they need to fit your style (are you edgy, feminine, classic, bohemian, etc.) If you need help with this I suggest using Wardrobe Architect to give you direction.
    • I know my colors are navy, white, gray, peach/coral, blue/turquoise/mint. I know that I live a casual lifestyle, and never wear dressy pants. I know that I’m classic with a little bit of edge and a little bit of bohemian. I know that I prefer skinny fit styles and semi-fitted jogger styles. I know that I am a rectangle and have no side hip shape and extra large calves which makes getting the right fit tricky. All of this info helps me narrow down my to get your favorite jeans for cheap
  2. You need to find your favorite brand. It’s hard to know what to look for if you haven’t narrowed down what to look for. You don’t want to spend money on clothes that you won’t wear. If you have time and the ability try on jeans at every store you can think of. Try on lots of different brands, different cuts of each brand, and different colors of each brand. A mall or department store is good for this because you have so many options in one place.
    • Since I have young children I don’t have the time or ability to be able to do this so I did something different. I know how a lot of jeans fit me from trying on jeans over that last ten years before having kids. And I have tried on lots of jeans brands and shopped at a lot of thrift stores. I found one of my favorite brands by frequently thrift shopping. Once you start thrifting, you’ll be able to point out what clothing is higher quality than others just by looking. I was looking for jeans and came across a pair of nice looking jeans. I had never seen that brand before and only bought them because the fabric was high quality and because I read Tencel in the content. (I have a deep love for Tencel.) I brought them home and they fit great. I looked up the brand online and realized these jeans were a higher end to get your favorite jeans for cheap
  3. You need to find your favorite fit. You know the brand you like, but each brand has different styles so find out which fit you like best which is often named on the pants or online.
    • I know I really like skinny jeans, but I also have larger than average calves. If the denim fabric isn’t stretchy enough my calves are really uncomfortable. I also have to make sure the really stretchy fabric works for my hip area too.
  4. Research the cost of your favorite jeans both new and used. You won’t know if you’re getting a good deal unless you see what all the different costs are. Take the time to research both new and used.
    • Only you know what is a good deal to you and what is worth the cost. I like to find jeans under $20 if I can, but you might have a higher or lower to get your favorite jeans for cheap
  5. Shop for your specific brand and fit online PATIENTLY. I would recommend three ways to get jeans inexpensively since these are the three ways I’ve done it, and I recommend setting up saved searches so you will be notified when the jeans you are looking for come up.
    • Ebay – Lots of used clothing is sold on Ebay so you’ll be able to narrow down for exactly what you’re looking for. Use the correct search terms and narrow down size, color, and fit with the options on the side. Be patient and wait for what you want at a price you want. Set up saved searches so you don’t have to save your search terms.
    • thredUP – I’ve seen and purchased both used and new jeans from thredUP. I love that they have so many options and it’s easy to narrow down what I’m looking for with their size, brand, and color options.
      • Honey* – I’ve used Honey* every time I shopped at Thredup, and I’ve gotten free shipping every single time + money back in the future. I also like how it compares prices for me on Amazon*.
    • Amazon*- I’ve gotten one pair of new name brand jeans on Amazon* that were being cleared out and were cheaper than anywhere else. Since I had Honey* installed it compared all the Amazon* prices of that item to find the best to get your favorite jeans for cheap

The key to getting jeans cheap is knowing what you want, researching, and waiting patiently. Have you ever gotten jeans for cheap?

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