I love making decorations that have multiple purposes. I love putting something up and have it work for multiple holidays. Spring is always refreshing and energizing for me, and I love having bright colors to brighten up my space. I made some Easter bunny baskets that I decorate with all Spring, and my kids even use it for collecting Easter eggs. The little bunny faces make me happy every time I see them!
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Handmade Easter Bunny Baskets // heatherhandmade.com

The original bunny baskets were made using the Little Lady Liberty book*. I was really excited to look through the ebook again Little Lady Liberty now that I have two little girls. Little Lady Liberty is written by Alice Caroline, who owns her own Liberty of London fabric shop. I bought my first liberty fabric last year, and I can’t wait to sew it up! I love this book because there’s so much inspiration! There are so many pretty photos and projects. There were lots of happy florals and lots of fabric piecing. It is perfect for all the Spring sewing projects you want to tackle. Handmade Easter Bunny Baskets // heatherhandmade.com
I originally had a hard time deciding on what to make because I just wanted to keep looking at the pictures. I decided to use the fabric boxes and make some bunny Easter baskets for the kids. I used a pretty brown and black linen for the outside which I quilted to the fleece and interfacing. I used some pretty rainbow dotted fabric for the inside. I added bunny ears and a face to each one.
You can see below that the two bunnies on the outside are the two original bunny baskets. I used a brown and black linen from the remnant bin for the outer, and I used two different rainbow dotted fabric inside. For the most recent one I made I used a gray and black heavy fabric that I thrifted. I luckily had some of the same rainbow fabric that I used for one of the baskets and was able to use it again!Handmade Easter Bunny Baskets // heatherhandmade.com
The new basket I made has the same rainbow lining and a cute bunny face and ears, but I didn’t have matching fabric. I had something similar, but it was much thicker. The original bunny baskets use interfacing and fleece inside to give them some oomph, but the newest one was made from really thick fabric. I would call it heavyweight fabric or upholstery fabric. I thrifted it a couple of months ago and loved the colors and texture. I didn’t add any interfacing or fleece because it didn’t need it. When I sewed the topstitching around the top of the bunny basket, it was so thick that my machine had trouble getting through all the layers especially over the ears. I did it enough to close the hole and make it look good, but don’t look too close at my stitches!

Handmade Easter Bunny Baskets // heatherhandmade.com
One of my favorite ways to decorate for Easter and for Spring is using real branches and egg ornaments. I usually have my kids paint some of the branches, but I haven’t gotten around to it this year. These Easter egg ornaments are handed down from my mom and my grandma. It’s fun to incorporate family decorations and remind my kids where they came from. The colors of the eggs brighten my day every time I see them.
Handmade Easter Bunny Baskets // heatherhandmade.com

These are the original pictures and original bunny baskets. It’s so fun to walk down memory lane and see what I created. It’s also a great reminder to put care and love into each project so they can last for a long time! I love that I get to pull these out every year and enjoy them over and over again.Home Decor: DIY Easter Bunny Baskets
I love decorating with them already, and I’m really excited for the kids to use them in an Easter egg hunt. My kids already use them to carry their little treasures around the house!

Home Decor: DIY Easter Bunny Baskets

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  1. What cute baskets!

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  2. Those are so cute. Not only as decor, but so practical. LOVE that.

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