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Bamboo Nikko Dress // heatherhandmade.com

I am here to tell you how amazing a solid dress is. I made a solid summer dress a couple of years ago and loved it, but I’m always so hot in the summer that I don’t want to layer anything. This winter I’ve been searching for warm winter dress patterns and inspiration that will get worn and be versatile in my closet. During my search I agreed to test the new Nikko dress pattern by True Bias because it was exactly what I was looking for. A dress that’s warm, it’s long, has long sleeves, and has a little mock neck, and it’s versatile because I chose a solid color.

The Pattern

I made a size 4 based on my measurements, and it fits me great. I added 2.5 inches to the sleeves but could have done just 2 inches. I added 1 inch to the waist, and 2 inches to the thigh area. I should have added 1 inch to the thigh and 1 inch below the slit because my slits start a little to low. I don’t have a problem walking I just think aesthetically they’d look nicer up higher. I made view D with the long sleeves. This view is a long dress with two side slits and long sleeves. The Nikko dress version is a little loose through the waist and hips which I love. It’s still flattering, but I don’t feel restricted or feel like I have to wear special underwear underneath. The Nikko dress is simple to construct; it’s basically a tee with an easier neckband. I was able to understand all the instructions and follow them easily.

Kelly listened to everything everyone had to say and really took it into consideration. I really appreciate when designers listen and address what the testers say. The Nikko dress is really trendy, and mock necks are really hot right now. I feel like I’m not trendy enough to wear it. But I love that my neck is warm!

Bamboo Nikko Dress // heatherhandmade.com

The Fabric

This pattern calls for fabric with 70% stretch which is a little tricky to find. I wanted to do a sweater dress, but I wasn’t happy with anything that I found. Luckily, Sewing Studio reached out to me and had some bamboo rayon spandex in stock. I love bamboo rayon spandex and will always sing its praises. Bamboo rayon spandex has the right amount of stretch, and it’s really easy to work with (unlike regular rayon spandex). Even though this fabric is soft, stretchy, and drapey, I would say it’s almost too thin for a dress. I’m not worried about it being see through since the color is dark enough, but I feel like I have to wear a good slip underneath to hide any lines. I think a thicker fabric would mask in lines underneath.

I chose the color Hazelnut to get myself out of my usually colors and I’m glad I did. It’s still a great neutral and goes with lots of items in my wardrobe, but it helped me stretch a little when it comes to colors. I’m really happy with this fabric, the color, and how it works as the Nikko dress. The Sewing Studio is offering 20% off your next order with the code “HEATHER”.

Bamboo Nikko Dress // heatherhandmade.com

Even though a solid color seems boring, you’ll love it once you realize how many outfits you can create with it! I wanted to see how many outfits I could put together with only one layer and I came up with seven. I think some of these layers could go together creating even more outfits. It’s pretty amazing how versatile it is! Six of these layers are handmade which I linked to below the image. I was going to try to pick a favorite outfit, and I think maybe five of them are my favorite. I don’t think I could choose just one!

Bamboo Nikko Dress // heatherhandmade.com

  1. Chambray dotted button down shirt
  2. Gray fitted blazer
  3. Faux fur vest
  4. Gray Blackwood cardigan
  5. Faux suede Ikat moto jacket
  6. Pink Tencel Kelly Anorak Vest

Bamboo Nikko Dress // heatherhandmade.com

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