Free Cardigan Pattern and Tutorial - Heather Handmade

Have you ever wanted to wrap yourself in a blanket? Or wear a blanket all day? Well this draped cardigan tutorial is for you. Not only is it a gorgeous draped cardigan, it’s a cardigan that will fit any woman in your life. It’s a one-size fits all cardigan. I also made the tutorial simple enough that anyone can make one. It only requires a sewing machine and no serger, and I share a trick for hemming the cardigan so there’s no wavy hem! (There’s also a giveaway at the end of this post!)

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Free Cardigan Pattern and Tutorial - Heather Handmade

My goal was to make a cardigan that could fit anyone. I wanted it to be an easy gift that you can give anyone in your life. The hem hangs asymmetrically so there’s no worry about getting a perfectly straight hemline. This free cardigan pattern and tutorial really is like wearing a warm blanket all day. It’d be amazing while traveling since you could snuggle up whenever you needed to. (If you’re interested in watching a video of this tutorial, I’ll be making one in a live video today on my facebook page!)

Free Cardigan Pattern and Tutorial - Heather Handmade



  1. Trim the selvedges off of the edges.
  2. Trim 4″ off of one side of the fabric going up and down with the grainline or the same direction as the selvedges you just cut off. *If you are sewing for someone shorter than average cut off more from the side like 8″ and then cut a 4″ piece like the one I have that can be used later.*Free Cardigan Pattern and Tutorial - Heather Handmade
  3. Fold the pattern in half with right sides together from the top to the bottom or fold along the grainline (NOT selvedge to selvedge). Match up the raw edges on the sides and starting from the side opposite the fold, the sides with two raw edges, sew with a straight stitch up 20″ at 1/2″ seam allowances.
    Free Cardigan Pattern and Tutorial - Heather Handmade
  4. Press the seam allowances open. Then topstitch the seams on both sides which sews the seam allowance open. Instead of stopping at the top of the 20″ sew a small hem around the armhole with the fabric folded over 1/2″.
    Free Cardigan Pattern and Tutorial - Heather Handmade
  5. Lay the fabric flat with the seams and armholes on each side and the fold at the top. Cut a straight line through the very middle from the raw edge and stopping at the fold.
  6. Where the cut stops, cut a raindrop shape from the top to make the cut one smooth, continuous seam.
    Free Cardigan Pattern and Tutorial - Heather Handmade
  7. Take the 4″ piece you cut from the edge. It is about the same length as the center cut. Fold the 4″ piece in half with wrong sides together. This is now the front band. Pin the raw edges of the band to the front cut with right sides together, and distribute the band evenly.
  8. Sew the band to the center front with a straight stitch and a 3/8″ seam allowance.
  9. From the front edgestitch next to the band and sew the band seam allowance towards the body of the cardigan.
    Free Cardigan Pattern and Tutorial - Heather Handmade
  10. Lay out your cardigan and make sure the bottom raw edge is straight.
  11. Apply the hem tape to the hem per the product’s instructions. *The hem tape is not needed and it is an extra product to buy, but it will make it so you don’t have a wavy hem after sewing it.*
  12. Sew the hem with a straight stitch at 3/4″. Press.

Free Cardigan Pattern and Tutorial - Heather HandmadeEnjoy your gorgeous draped and warm cardigan! I know this is a more time consuming tutorial than most, but it’s a simple construction and can fit any size. You can also make it only using a straight stitch and without a serger!

Free Cardigan Pattern and Tutorial - Heather Handmade

Free Cardigan Pattern and Tutorial - Heather Handmade

I’m also part of a blog tour today to use a pattern from Itch to Stitch. She has lots of great patterns and she’s known for making designs that are flattering on lots of body types. I decided to make the Liana Stretch Jeans, but I didn’t use denim. I wanted to try making regular pants first to get a different look and to try out the pattern. I’ll buy expensive denim when I get this pattern perfected. The pattern is very good and comes in different styles and lengths.

I used a stretch woven polyester from Stylish fabrics and it was a little too lightweight for this application. I ended up lining the front and back to the knees. I also thought it was going to have a twill weave but it doesn’t. It’s more of a stretch sateen which makes a nice pair of dressier pants except that the light bounces off every wrinkle. This fabric would’ve been perfect for woven joggers or other lightweight, draped pants.

Liana Stretch Jeans - Heather Handmade

I made a size 4 and probably should have sized down. I ended up taking in the sides a lot. This is partly because I have no hips and I learned from this process that I have no thighs. My thighs are basically the same size as my larger than average calves. But I’m accepting my special and unique body for what it is, and I’m learning to fit it how it it. The numbers and measurements mean nothing about who I am. There’s nothing wrong with me, the pattern was just not made for me. I also took out a wedge of the top in the center back, lengthened the pattern by two inches, and changed the placement of the back pockets. I’m pretty happy with the fit, I didn’t get the front perfect and there’s still some whisker wrinkles, but I’ll just have to address them the next time I make this pattern.

Liana Stretch Jeans - Heather Handmade

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