I am SO excited to share the kids winter coats today! I love dressing up my kids with animal inspired attire. Before I started planning this collection I randomly (and luckily) found Little Goodall‘s pattern, Simplicity 1477 Child’s Fox and Racoon Felt Jacket on sale for $1. What are the chances? I know that Little Goodall‘s animal coats were one of the first pins I ever pinned on Pinterest. I am in love with her coats and everything else she does. That kind of directed where I was going with Henry’s coat. I made the fox version, but made it in gray and white so it looks like a wolf and fits in with the rest of the collection. The pattern was great and really easy to follow. It wasn’t difficult except that there are lots of little details that you have to make and add. (As you can see we had to so this photo shoot on two different days.)
Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Wolf Coat and Puppy Coat

I didn’t want to use wool felt like the pattern recommended because I wanted a waterproof coat that Henry could wear while playing in the snow. I decided to use an IKEA gray striped shower curtain for the outer fabric because it’s waterproof. I was really worried that it would look shiny and girly, but it turned out perfect. I love the subtle stripe. I added fusible fleece to all the pieces like the pattern recommends and did two layers on the body pieces for extra warmth. I’m hoping he’ll be warm enough to play in the snow and that the fabric will be strong enough to stand up to little boy play. At least it’s roomy enough to wear lots of layers underneath. 
I used white faux fur for the front, hood details, and just inside the sleeves. I used craft felt with iron-on interfacing for the black hood details and claws. Henry LOVES the claws and loves scratching things with them. I love the hood shape and face. It’s just so adorable. I messed up a little on the shape of the hood at the very front, I somehow mixed up my pattern pieces and didn’t realize until it was too late to go back. I made it work though and nobody can tell!

Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Wolf Coat and Puppy Coat

The pockets are cute and roomy. Henry can keep his hands warm or carry little treasures. I skipped the buttons on the front and added teeth-like toggles, faux leather triangles, and leather loops. It worked great at first, but I think I need to add some Velcro in the front to keep it a little more stable. And Velcro is something Henry can do all by himself.

Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Wolf Coat and Puppy Coat

So if you remember, two years ago I made Henry a toddler Puppy Coat trying to make something similar to Little Goodall’s coats. I didn’t get it out for Claire until I was done with the wolf coat, and I realized I made them almost exactly the same. They are both gray with white fur. Even the teeth toggles are the same. I really must create on the same wavelength. The puppy coat is still too big for Claire, but I think it’ll work great for this winter. Hopefully she won’t be doing a lot of snow playing.

Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Wolf Coat and Puppy Coat

I love that they’re somewhat matching and can play as “puppies” together. And I love seeing something I made for Henry being used again by Claire.

Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Wolf Coat and Puppy Coat

Claire is a cute baby puppy, and that tail poking out gets me every time.

Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Wolf Coat and Puppy Coat

Outtakes that I just had to share

Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Wolf Coat and Puppy Coat

The red pants are from my Harry Potter Griffindor outfits, and the green pants are from my Aviator Pants post.

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2 thoughts on “Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Wolf Coat and Puppy Coat

  1. Fun jackets! I would never have guessed shower curtain, clever!

    Posted on November 6, 2014 at 12:39 am
  2. Your kids are adorable, and the coats look amazing. I wish I was brave enough to sew coats. Luckily, I don't have to. I have loads of hand me downs. Which is so awesome!

    Posted on November 4, 2014 at 1:56 pm