I am so excited for my kids Fall/Winter collection. I have been furiously planning and working on it in between all of my other recent projects. I feel like I have a handle on having two kids, so I was able to plan and accomplish a lot more this time than I was in their Spring/Summer collection. I still have a couple items left for Henry, but I hope to finish them during Kid’s Clothes Week!

Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Wolf Babies

I decided to name these outfits wolf babies because there’s so much fur involved. I based this collection off of wolves, green, gray, black, blue, and fall and winter forest. I’ll talk more about that in another post though. I made Henry a fur wolf hat with an attached scarf and little pockets. He loves it and loves being a “wowf.” I used the free fox hat pattern for the hat and tail and drafted the scarf. I want to dress my kids in animal-like clothes until their twenty.

Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Wolf Babies

The shirt is a refashioned gray t-shirt to which I added a refashioned button up shirt. I combined them to make a sort of henley that looks somewhat dressed up in a comfortable way. I really like the combination of colors and plaid. At first it was a little too long, so I shortened it by taking out some length just under the button placket. It luckily looks like it was supposed to be that way. Henry’s pants are the same wool pants I made him a year ago, but I lengthened them and lined them because Henry always complained about them being itchy. Now the pants are really warm and really sharp looking. They will be his dressier pants for the cold weather.

Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Wolf Babies

The fox hat and tail look so cool made out of fur. They look almost real. Henry loves dressing up, so this is perfect for him. I am disappointed that the hat only covers half of Henry’s ears since I made it to keep him warm, so hopefully the fur will be enough warmth.

Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Wolf Babies

The scarf hat is not for Claire, but it’s so cute on her and it matches her fur diaper cover. It might be totally unpractical, but it’s a FUR DIAPER COVER. How could I not? It didn’t gather super well so even though I made a small size it’s still too big for her. I’m hoping it’ll fit well when it’s really cold and will help keep her warm when she’s wearing a dress.

Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Wolf Babies

She’s also wearing a sweatshirt dress I made from a watercolor print women’s tee. I love the print an dhow it looks painted. I chose to do a sweatshirt dress since she is still mobile while wearing it, if it rides up it still covers her tummy, it’s great for layering, and will be able to grow with her for a longer time. Those cheetah print sneakers are thrift store treasures. They are only a size 1, but they fit her great because her feet are so small! I needed some warm shoes with good soles since she’s pulling herself up to standing all the time!

Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Wolf Babies

I love my little fur babies!

Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Wolf Babies


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2 thoughts on “Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Wolf Babies

  1. Love the clothes! So cute. I especially like Henry's shirt. I would have thought you bought it, not made it! I need to make my little man some of those shirts quick.
    Way to go!

    Posted on October 23, 2014 at 2:07 pm
  2. They look so cute! And you are a genious, I always love how you come up with different clothes for your boy and I always, I mean ALWAYS want to copy you! hehehe…

    Posted on October 23, 2014 at 10:45 am