I’m taking a little break from the kids’ collection to share a fun and simple skirt: the Betty Skirt by the Shaffer Sisters. The funny thing is I just used scraps that I have, and it matches the colors of the collection perfectly. I used gray and navy for this skirt, so I must really be drawn to those colors right now. The black leggings are from the collection that I haven’t yet taken pictures of. I paired it with Henry’s old Barf Vader shirt which Claire spit up on right before the pictures, so these are as real as they get.

Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Striped Tulle Baby Skirt
I’ve been struggling a little bit with figuring out my little girl style. I think it’s similar to mine: a mix of feminine, casual, and masculine. I don’t like anything too girly for me or her. The skirt looks very feminine because of all the gathers and the tulle, but the colors ground it from being too girly.
Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Striped Tulle Baby Skirt

The tulle is gray tulle from the bargain bin which was $.75! The striped fabric is leftovers from my floral and striped dress. Underneath the striped fabric is some gray shiny organza which helps give the striped fabric some shape and gives a little peak of shine. I love how this skirt has so much shape and pop. It keeps the skirt out of the way of her knees while she’s crawling. I made a size 6 mos, but I wasn’t thinking because she’ll grow out of it really quickly. 

Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Striped Tulle Baby Skirt

This skirt pattern is great and the Shaffer Sisters are all so nice. There’s a couple different styles and there is a huge range of sizes. My favorite part about this skirt pattern is that there’s a cutting guide and pleat guide. So I didn’t have to print anything! I love PDF patterns, but sometimes I get really tired of printing and taping patterns. My other favorite part is that this skirt can be cut out and sewn during a single naptime. It is so quick to put together. That’s a win in my book.

Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Striped Tulle Baby Skirt
Sorry for all the pictures on the chair. It was the only way I could get her stay not crawl away so I could get some pictures. Or the picture on the right when she watched Henry run away to his friends house. She was so sad to be left behind!
Fall/Winter Collection 2014: Striped Tulle Baby Skirt

Use the coupon code BETTYTOUR to get 30% off the skirt pattern!


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