My daughter has started getting interested in skirts so I decided to make some simple ones with fat quarters. These work great for babies and toddlers, but wouldn’t work well for anyone older since they are shorter. I attached either shorts or a diaper cover since she’s so active and needs coverage underneath. The diaper cover was easier, but I like the look of the shorts better.1 Fat Quarter Skirt Tutorial
This first one I made using a tricycle fabric fat quarter that I designed. I made a trike stamp when Henry was little which I stamped on a paper. I scanned it and manipulated it in the computer for a fabric design. I kept it looking stamped because I love the look of stamped fabric. It’s a perfect fabric for busy little kids.

1 Fat Quarter Skirt Tutorial

You can see the diaper cover peaking out here. It’s blue with white polka dots.

1 Fat Quarter Skirt Tutorial

I made another one using a kite fabric fat quarter. This one was also created using a stamp I have. I used both purple and mint paint so it came out multicolored. (You can also get just purple kite fabric and just mint kite fabric.)I manipulated it to look more like it was watercolored, and I love how it turned out. The mint does show up as well in these pictures as they do in real life. It also reads “childhood” to me.

1 Fat Quarter Skirt Tutorial
Here are the knit shorts underneath. They match well, but I didn’t attach them to the skirt correctly. I need to figure out a different way to do it.
1 Fat Quarter Skirt Tutorial
Quick Instructions
1. Cut the fat quarter in half crosswise.
2. Sew each piece together on the short sides. Finish edges. Optional: baste diaper cover or shorts to the waste inside the skirt.
3. Sew casing around the top and insert elastic.
4. Hem the bottom.
1 Fat Quarter Skirt Tutorial
Kites and skinned knees of summer. I purposely designed the kites to look like they were watercolored.
1 Fat Quarter Skirt Tutorial

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