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It’s superhero time all the time at my house. ALL THE TIME. Henry wears a cape morning to night, and then it sits on his windowsill while he sleeps. We had two that have gotten lost somewhere so I needed a quick way to make a cape. Henry needed to be a superhero right then. So I came up with this quick t-shirt cape. You can make one in ten minutes!

Ten Minute Cape Tutorial

Adult t-shirt
Sewing supplies*

1. Lay out the shirt face down on a flat surface.
2. Cut from the sides up to where the shoulder seam meets the neckline.
3. Cut around the neckline keeping the neck band intact. Cut the neck band at the center front.
4. Fold the neckband over 1/2″ and add a piece of Velcro to each side. DONE!

Ten Minute Cape Tutorial

Make one or three or ten! I could see myself making these as favors for a superhero birthday part. How fun would that be?! And making the girls look like Elsa capes. I even made one for Henry for his knight outfit in my Crafting Con post over at Mae and K. See what Henry looks like as a young King Arthur!

Ten Minute Cape Tutorial


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